Question no.1:- What type of service do we provide?

Answer: – We are expertise to provide professional candidates for high technical and management positions for almost all industries. We are frequently providing our services for various industries like Engineering, Construction, Medical, Information Technology, Finance (Auditing, Broking, and Banking) etc.

Questions no.2: – How to send query for your manpower requirement?

Answer: – You can send us your manpower requirement through various ways like filling just details in ready made questionnaire format in our website, email, telephonic, Skype, text message etc. But we recommend clients to send their queries by visiting our website and submitting their query by clicking on “Query” link, your click on link will direct you to readymade questionnaire format in which you just need to fill detail and submit it. While sending query using email ID we recommend using “company’s domain email ID” as best way to understand client’s requirement. Complete detailed information can be given through it.

Question no.3:- what type of information do we expect from client while sending their query?

Answer: – We expect that client should give details like their company’s profile, detailed job description, offered salary, work location, and project. This will help us to analyze the client’s requirement precisely in order to serve best promptly.

Question no.4:- What is our response time to email query?

Answer: – We promptly respond to each query as soon as we receive email from client. Therefore response time is very prompt.

Question no.5:- What are the locations for which manpower service is provided?

Answer: – We consider almost all locations except politically vulnerable and unstable locations.

Question no.6:- What is the duration of closing required position?

Answer: – Being expertise since 1994, it is our competency to hunt best talent of industry using customized scientific methodology to suit each client’s specific requirements and close each required positions as per client’s deadline. We generally get the position filled within 60 to 72 hours per position after taking up the recruitment project in hand. We will estimate total time frame of completing whole recruitment process if client comes with bulk requirement based on required positions.

Question no.7:- What type of Industry do we serve?

Answer: – We serve various Industries like Engineering, Construction, Medical, Education, Finance etc.

Question no.8: – Do we charge any amount of money from Candidates?

Answer: – We never charge our consultancy fee from candidates according to our company’s policy. We have many professional clients who themselves ask us not to charge from candidate. Professional clients know that candidates should never be asked to pay anything otherwise they will miss best talent of the Industry. Good and professional clients are happy to invest to acquire best talent, who will play pivotal and indispensable part in the development of the company after joining the organization. So it is worth investing to acquire and retain best talent of Industry.

Question no.9: – How do we get paid for our consultancy service?

Answer: – We are paid by our clients for our excellent customized consultancy services. Our scientific approach encompasses every single point of client’s requirement/concern in order to make sure that we deliver the best result exactly as per their requirements and expectations. Being expertise in recruitment since 1997, it has become our competency to understand client requirement perfectly and precisely. We have set up a benchmark in providing best talent to client as per their requirements. Our clients are more than happy to compensate us for our unmatched, prompt and precise service.

Question no.10: – What type of Visa Service/ Assistance will be provided?

Answer: – We are not into Visa Service. But we will definitely provide all kind of assistance in visa service through our empanelled visa agent.