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Implementing an effective recruiting sourcing strategy can make it easy to find a large pool of qualified applicants for open positions. A strong recruiting sourcing strategy can lead to efficient hiring processes, higher retention rates and positive candidate engagement experiences. When choosing the best sourcing strategies for you, consider factors like the types of candidates needed for open roles, available recruiting resources and results from previous recruiting methods. Recruiting sourcing strategies are methods hiring managers use to search for and engage qualified candidates to fill current or upcoming positions they could be a great fit for. Building an effective recruiting sourcing strategy allows you to access a wide array of candidates, which can increase your chances of finding the right candidate for the role. In a recruiting sourcing strategy, managers can locate impressive candidates that could perform effectively in the role they’re hiring for according to the company’s specific hiring needs and role qualifications.

It’s important to have an established recruiting strategy because it helps managers attract quality candidates to open roles. Not only can these strategies help recruit highly-qualified candidates, but you can also target and find potential employees who better match the company’s culture. This can drastically increase the overall work environment and may encourage employees to stay with the company longer, initially increasing retention rates. One of the best and most automated ways to ensure that you’re tracking where candidates are applying from is to set up a unique tracking link for each job post. You can learn more about setting up unique tracking links and managing your sources here. Chances are, most of us are on at least one social network, whether it’s through Twitter, or LinkedIn. Tap into that network to share your organization’s open jobs.

Studies have shown that referrals are the number one source of great candidates. Referrals cost less, are a better fit, have higher performance, and lower turnover. Ally international makes it easy for your entire organization to submit referrals by allowing every user a basic level of access so they can log in and submit applicants they consider a good fit for the role or the organization. An effective way to encourage referrals is to create a referral program. If you already have a referral program but want to increase participation in your organization, you may want to revamp your program or throw a Referral Party. When you upload contacts through the Bulk Import tool, everyone will be added as a prospect, as opposed to a candidate. A prospect is someone who hasn’t officially applied to a job yet but can be converted to a candidate for a job once they have applied. It’s easy to search the group of prospects you’ve uploaded via an automatic tag that is added to the Bulk Import group during the upload.

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