• After Crude Oil is first explored with seismic & drilling activities and then Offshore Platform is manufactured and assembled at site to produce all types of Hydrocarbons i.e. Methane(C1), Ethane (C2) till Pentadecane(C15) .
EPC Oil and Gas Plant
  • Next All the hydrocarbon produced from Offshore are separated into two phases i.e. Oil (Butane, Hexane etc) and Gases (i.e Methane, Ethane) . The separated oil and gas goes into onshore in the different pipeline for further separation into specific compound .
  • The Separated Oil Mixture is stored in the Onshore Storage tank Terminal while the Gases is transferred into Gas Gathering Station for the Compression, Metering and Transferred to the Owner or the Customer and it is sell as Natural Gas, CNG or LNG .
  • The Oil which is stored in Storage terminal is transferred to the Refineries for further Fractionation and Separation of the Hydrocarbons . In Refineries, the Oil is separated into specific compound such as  Butane, Pentane and Hexane .
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